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Published on April 23, 2008 By LifeSomewhereElse In Internet

I recently discovered

I am sure that most of you have been users (diggers as I believe they are called) of the site for many years. Or at least readers of the site.  There are many humorous and not so humorous things on the site.  A great place to waste your time I guess.

One thing that is very apparent about the website is that most of the contributors apparently are junvenile or simply immature.  Lots of "adult" humor, sexual humor, bathroom humor, anti-establishment humor, anti-god humor, etc.  I guess that should be expected given the type of people who actually have time to surf the internet all day find new stuff to submit.  There is must rejoicing when one makes the front page or is the first to submit a comment.

Speaking of comments, even more impressive is the comment section.  This is where all the diggers get to say things like "Yeah! Right on!", "your right, they really are idiots" or even better "ROTFLMAO" and every other acronym you can imagine.

So for anyone who has not discovered I highly recommend it.  It is twice as funny because of the content and then the people and comments who visit it.


See ya

on Apr 23, 2008

Digg was good a while ago, but now it's nothing but pro-Obama stories all over the front page.

on Apr 23, 2008

I've always known of it but just started using it regularly...While the site is a bit saturated, if you view specific categories it gets quite addicting.

Diggnation and are also awesome sources for digg fans. I watch rev3 more than normal T.V. these days

on Apr 23, 2008
If you like digg take a look in the labs:

Stack is my favorite.
on Apr 23, 2008

Digg was good a while ago, but now it's nothing but pro-Obama stories all over the front page.'s not good why?



on Apr 23, 2008

My main occupation on Digg is submitting pro-Hillary stories and trying pointlessly to bury all the BS Obama stories.   Oh and also combatting all of the idiot sexist comments.  It's a never ending battle. 

on Jun 19, 2008
Digg is a good concept marred by the people who use it. You know those older relatives you have who have just discovered the internet and forward you all kinds of stupid shit like "Hey guys, I just found this really amazing thing on the intarwebs called Dancing Baby, have you seen it?!" Well that's about 50% of the digg population. The other 50% are borderline illiterate Obamaniacs who spam the front page with endless hordes of Huffington Post articles. I still check it though because everyone once in a while, something interesting does pop up if you can find it between waves of liberal circlejerks.