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January 18, 2009 by LifeSomewhereElse
Remember when Tom Hanks was this wonderful actor who made exciting comedies and dramas but yet realized he was simply an actor and a entertainer posing in various forms for the enjoyment of his fans?

Now it seems that he feels compelled to thrust upon us his political opinions and personal views about everything. Has he lost sight of the fact that he still is simply a entertainer and that most people just want him to put on a show for us but otherwise sit down and shut up?

I miss the old T...
December 4, 2008 by LifeSomewhereElse
Being a software developer for many years (20+ now) I have always marveled at game development.  I love computer games and I can say that my love of them in the late 70's and early 80's is what drove me into my profession.  Although I have never worked in a game company my career has always been in microcomputer and then quickly PC platform once it was out.  This allow me to learn many things at home and provided a platform in which I was able to write very simplistic games back i...
November 20, 2008 by LifeSomewhereElse
Driving home, listening to the talking heads I heard a discussion about the origins of Thanksgiving.  One suggested that it was a secular fall holiday.  The other that is was driven by religious undertones.  Compelling arguments were given by both sides but I think the religious argument won.  The guy arguing that point read the 1777 Continental Congress proclamation (God, and even Jesus invoked), George Washington proclamation from 1789 and others which pretty much sealed it...
November 17, 2008 by LifeSomewhereElse
Let me start by simply stating that I only recently learned of this term and what I think it means.  As I understand net neutrality is a desire by some to pass laws that prevent ISP from throttling bandwidth and/or blocking access to areas of the internet.  If I am wrong at that, some please let me know.

Now, here is the part I do not get.  As I read it, the Dems and Obama are for passing net neutrality legislation that would prohibit ISP's from imposing the limits mention...
November 10, 2008 by LifeSomewhereElse
When I came home from work tonight I caught the end of the national news. It was a segment about something called "Highway of Hero's" that exists in Canada.  You see, since the War on Terror began in Afghanistan Canada has lost around 70+ soldiers.  As I understand there is a long drive to the grave site and it has become something of a tradition for many Canadians to line the highway and overpasses in respect.

My point of the matter is this.  I never really realized the s...
November 7, 2008 by LifeSomewhereElse
I guess I just dont get it.  You all know the deal, the prop 8 in CA to that defines marriage as between a man and a women.  It seems that tonight that there is a big protest in LA tonight over it (LA, really? huh!)  Personally, I am surprised by the outcome, the stereotypical CA apparently is not what it all cracked up to be.  Anyway, I see that the people have spoken in response to judges making the laws.

November 4, 2008 by LifeSomewhereElse
What if Obama does win?  I know, I should assume he wins.  Regardless, here is my question.

If Obama wins, can we finally do away with Affirmative Action or United Negro College Fund?  Those programs had a very good purpose.  During a time when demonstratable racism was all around these programs were greatly needed.  But over the years the need for them seems to have gone away.  And now, a black president.  The highest job in the land.  Doesn't that spe...
April 24, 2008 by LifeSomewhereElse
Sigh, Well after thumbing his nose at the leaders of the country and going on his own in an attempt to forment peace in the middle-east it has become clear that former President Carter has accomplished nothing.  Nothing more than wasting taxpayer money on his little junket.  Maybe he is getting a little senile or maybe he is searching for relevance but whatever the reason at least he did not get killed for his foolishness.

No, instead of forging anything he was simply used by o...
April 23, 2008 by LifeSomewhereElse
I recently discovered

I am sure that most of you have been users (diggers as I believe they are called) of the site for many years. Or at least readers of the site.  There are many humorous and not so humorous things on the site.  A great place to waste your time I guess.

One thing that is very apparent about the website is that most of the contributors apparently are junvenile or simply immature.  Lots of "adult" humor, sexual humor, bathroom humor, anti-estab...